A lot of historic buildings and ancient monuments determine the current image of Csurgó town. One of the most remarkable sight of the town is the Park of Csokonai Grammar School, where visitors are impressed by the sight of the old school, the statues of famous Hungarians and the atmosphere of the esplanades among the ancient trees. Besides these, the Museum of Csurgó, the Holyspirit Church (built in the 12th century) and a lot of other sights are worth to be seen.

Around the town there are important attractions, too. For example: those who are fond of riding, could visit the Török riding school in Szenta (5 kms). Those who would preferably have a bath or go fishing can spend their spare time at Gyékényes lake (15 kms) but who would rather prefer thermal spas have also a choice at Nagyatád’s swimming pools (20 kms). Kaszó, also called as the “Green Heart” of Somogy, is also expecting its visitors with a little steamengine train named “Karácsony” manufactured at the beginning of the century in Transylvania. There is also a lake here, called “Baláta”, which is under environmental protection, as rare species of birds and animals live here. (10 kms)